Why Homecare?

Is Homecare the right choice for you?

Where would you most want to live?

Most of us are comfortable living in our own home. The surroundings are comfortable, familiar, and you are in control. Being able to live life you want, surrounded by family and friends only makes sense.  At KeizerCare, we will make that happen for you and your family. As a leading homecare provider in Keizer, Oregon you are getting good old fashioned local care. It’s not surprising that given a choice, 9 out of 10 people would choose to stay at home and keep our freedom.

It’s easy to find out if Home Care is the right choice for you!

Moving away from your home can be a dramatic change and a strain on the entire family. KeizerCare takes the pressure off that decision. We can often start care a day or two. You and your family can relax and see if staying home will work.  All this without the commitment of uprooting you our your loved ones from the place they are most comfortable. Is homecare right for you? It’s easy to find out and not a big commitment.


Only need KeizerCare a few hours a week?  No problem. Our experience has taught us that our client’s needs change. This is why KeizerCare created a system that adapts to your needs.  If circumstances require additional care and more hours, we can easily and quickly accommodate your needs.

What was a stressful time can become family time.

Taking care of a family member can become stressful and unhealthy if not properly managed. Many of our clients at KeizerCare tell us that one of the things they most appreciate is us giving them a break.  In most cases we can come in and take care of the day-to-day challenges so you can take that break you desperately need and deserve.

KeizerCare is Local!

KeizerCare is located right here in beautiful Redmond, Oregon. We are not a franchised operation with a rotating door when it comes to care providers. We are a small group of dedicated professionals that become friends of the family. Many clients tell us that we become like extended family members. Most of our new business comes from existing and former clients.

Only pay for the care you need.

When you move into a facility the change is dramatic - and so is the huge expense. In addition to the time, expense, and stress of the move, residents must pay for facility amenities and services whether they use them or not. Using KeizerCare, you only pay for the services you need. From a few hours a week to 24-hour care, you get the benefit of flexibility—and the economic benefits of only paying for the care if and when you need it.

Keizercare was so patient and understanding with my brother, they stepped in and took care of all his needs. KeizerCare is the best!

It all starts with a conversation.  Either call or email to find out if KeizerCare is the right choice for your and your family!